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About Me

Ok, a little about me. Let's start with the basics; my name is Carl Tawn and for the last 11 years I have been working in the IT industry as a Software Developer. I've worked on a wide array of web, desktop and enterprise applications covering some very diverse industry sectors and project types. I've touched on every thing from Accounting Software to Purchasing Systems, Workflow Engines to Photographic packages and pretty much everything in between.

Most of my work has been with Microsoft tools and technologies, with the occasional foray into other areas. At the moment my main area of focus is Web applications based on ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server. Many years ago I started out with Retrieve 4GL, Visual Basic 6, classic ASP and Microsoft Access; I progressed to .Net in early 2002, initially with VB.Net, but having played with C++ for a while, I quickly switched my focus to C#.

If you have any comments, or queries, want to discuss hiring me for a project, or even hiring me full-time feel free to drop me an email.

About the Site

Why this site? Why now? Good questions! After spending so many years creating sites and software for other people, I decided it was high time I grabbed a little corner of the big ol' internet, stuck a flag in it, and created something of my own. So here it is!

This site is intended to be something of an ongoing work in progress. I intend the site to evolve as and when I have the time, and the inclination, to play around with it. If you're hoping for pictures of my cat, or anything like that, then prepare to be disappointed! Partly because I haven't got a cat and partly because.... well.... if I need to explain why then you should probably just leave now!

The site may also serve as a personal Blog, or showcase for some pet projects, or may turn into something else entirely. The site itself, for now at least, is based on .Net 4.0; or, more specifically, MVC3 and Entity Framework 4. I intend to add features to the site as I play around with MVC, JQuery, and whatever else catches my interest. If I think a feature I add is interesting enough, or if anybody specifically asks for it, I may write some articles/tutorials explaining the process behind it.